Mount Beauty Golf Club

Mt Beauty Golf Club is a proud member of the Good Sports Program and is accredited:


Good Sports White 3

 Mount Beauty Golf Club adheres to the following Policies:

 Alcohol Management Policy         pdf icon

Alcohol will be served according to the legal and moral requirements of the Club’s liquor licence, with safety and wellbeing of patrons as the priority.   Only RSA trained personnel will serve alcohol.   Alcohol will not be served to any person under 18 or to intoxicated or drunk persons.   Water is provided free of charge, and a selection of non-alcoholic drinks are available.

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Safe Transport Policy               pdf icon

Bar staff shall encourage members and visitors to make alternative safe transport arrangements if they are considered to exceed blood alcohol concentration regulations.   Telephone calls will be made free of charge to arrange a taxi or other transport.

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Smoke-Free Policy                   pdf icon

Mount Beauty Golf Club recognises that second-hand smoke is a health hazard, and complies with Victoria legislation that bans smoking within 10 metres of a sporting venue that is an outdoor public place during underage competitions.   Mount Beauty Club House is smoke free.

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Our Inclement Weather Policy:  pdf icon

It is the responsiblity of members and visitors to determine when it is safe to play golf in extreme heat, inclement weather and / or when lightning is present.  The Club Captain (or delegate) has the authority to call for the suspension and subsequent resumption of play during club competitions.   Also, the course may be closed from time to time in order to protect the course from extreme heat or water damage.

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