Mount Beauty Golf Club Inc.

 1tee 1hole 

 The 1st Hole

Par 5

460m / 362m

Index 16 / 14


The entire left side of this hole is OOB.

A drive down the left of centre to the base of the hill sets up a second shot aimed right and away from the danger.

Longer hitters can put their drive straight down the centre if not slightly right as the shorter length of this Par 5 will enable a second shot straight to the green.

2tee 2hole

 The 2nd Hole

Par 4

341m / 316m

Index 6 / 3


This is our signature hole and has magnificent views of West Peak and glimpses of Mt Bogong.


A straight drive up the left hand side of the fairway to the top of the hill is ideal.

Remember your second shot will be uphill and MUST carry the front fringe of this elevated green.

3tee   3hole

The 3rd Hole

Par 4

367m / 296m

Index 8 / 7


The ideal drive is just right of centre as the slope of the hole will cause the ball to bounce left on both the drive and the second shot.

If the drive is behind the 150m the second shot should be aimed at the last pine tree on the right, and at the same level, where it will bounce left and run onto the green.


The Ladies have an opportunity to draw the ball, for a right hander, around the tree on their left. Bigger hitters can go over this tree.

4tee 4hole

The 4th Hole

Par 4

372m / 323m

Index 4 / 5


Aim a drive at the centre of the narrower gap at the bottom of the hill and allow to roll.

Shorter hitters, right of centre is ideal.

Second shots should be straight at the hole. Care should be taken NOT to go left on the second shot as this is OOB.

5tee 5hole

The 5th Hole

Par 5

472m / 371m

Index 10 / 9


The entire right hand side is OOB.

A straight drive is a MUST.

Second shots should be aimed left of centre as this hole rolls to the right.

Approach shot to the green MUST be aimed left of the flag, regardless of its position

 6tee  6hole The 6th Hole

Par 4

389m / 349m

Index 2 / 1


The drive is crucial to playing this hole. It is better to go through the corner than be on the right under the trees. A drive aimed at, or slightly left of, the small green Pitosporum tree in the centre of view is ideal. The corner is 182m from the Men's tee block.

Second, and subsequent, shots MUST be aimed left of the green.



7tee 7hole

The 7th Hole

Par 3

193m / 179m

Index 12 / 11


The hole does not play its full 190m as it is downhill from the tee. A good line is the tree on the left behind the flag as the bank in front of the green generally kicks right.

 8tee 8hole 

The 8th Hole

Par 4

254m / 242m

Index 18 / 16


Rated as the easiest hole on the course for the Men. Longer hitters can get to the green in one by taking a line over the trees on the right on top of the first rise. Your best plan is straight down the middle if you don't think you can hit it far enough. A lot of locals take an iron.

9tee  9hole 

The 9th Hole

Par 3

165m / 103m

Index 14 / 18


The drive MUST make it to the top of the hill to have any chance of being on or near the green. The 2 tiered green slopes back to front and left to right (facing the flag).


The 10th Hole

Par 4

297m / 224m

Index 15 / 10


The ideal drive is to just miss right of the pine on top of the hill ahead or risk being blocked out by the pines to the right of the green. The second shot is always further than you think. The 2 tiered green slopes right to left.

 11tee 11hole 

The 11th Hole

Par 5

518m / 450m

Index 3 / 2


OOB for its entire length on the right. Drive centre or left of centre. Second and subsequent shots aim right as fairway slopes dramatically right to left. DO NOT go left of the flag on this elevated green.

 12tee 12hole 

The 12th Hole

Par 4

427m / 380m (Par 5)

Index 1 / 13


Arguably the hardest hole on the course (for the Men) - see hole 6!!

The perfect drive is at the 150m marker on the corner of this dogleg right. Care should be taken not to go too far through the fairway, but far enough to clear the overhanging pine on the inside of the corner. It is around 220m to the overhanging pine and 260m to the 150m marker from the blue tees. The second part of the fairway tends to kick right to left.

 13tee 13hole 

The 13th Hole

Par 4

330m / 288m

Index 13 / 12


Straight forward drive to the gully or beyond preferably centre or left of centre to avoid the overhanging trees on the right of the latter half of the fairway.

If playing off the blue markers - definitely aim left of centre with the drive.

 14tee 14hole 

The 14th Hole

Par 5

448m / 373m

Index 9 / 8


Your driving target off the men's is the Golden Cypress at the 150m mark. Second shot stay centre or left of centre. The elevated green demands a full shot to get up to it and it slopes dramatically left to right and to the bottom right corner.

 15tee 15hole 

The 15th Hole

Par 4

329m / 329m

Index 7 / 4

DO NOT go right with your drive.

The target is just right of the Golden Cypress. Bigger hitters aim for the Gum just left of centre. The second shot needs to be threaded between the Gum and the Pines. Keep left of the flag. Anything right anywhere on this hole will be punished.

 16tee 16hole 

The 16th Hole

Par 4

320m / 304m

Index 11 / 6


Driving straight down the middle to the top of the hill is perfect. No longer than 260m to 290m to give a good angle to the green for your second shot. Shorter hitters, right and to the base of the hill is good. From this position aim the second shot to skim the pines on the left. The safer shot is to the centre of the fairway and rely on a good pitch to save the day. Anything right from the base of the hill will end up under trees between 16 and 6.

 17tee 17hole 

The 17th Hole

Par 3

141m / 126m

Index 17 / 15


Aim left of the flag. (Coming off the steep bank on the left is a favourite, although shunned by purists!). ANYTHING right is well and truly a disaster. The green must be carried or ball landed just in front of the green to be on the green.

 18tee 18hole 

The 18th Hole

Par 3

202m / 157m

Index 5 / 17


At 200m this holes plays deceptively short from an elevated tee. Bigger hitters only need long irons. Anything right may bring the only bunker on the course into play. If in the gully before the green use the aerials on the clubhouse as your second shot target and stay to their right.



The secret to putting this course is to know where the PONDAGE in the middle of town is in relation to you and the hole. Putts will almost always gravitate to this PONDAGE.