Mount Beauty Golf Club Inc.

Information, advice and direction taken from Golf Australia and the Victorian Health Department.

Updated 19th September, 2020.

Applicable advice:

1. If you are unwell do not come to the golf course 

2. If you have recently returned from overseas or have been in contact with a case of Covid-19 you must self isolate and cannot attend the golf course.

3. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, before and after eating, after going to the toilet, and after marking cards etc.

4. Maintain at least 1.5m social distancing whenever possible, only one person per cart unless from the same household.

5. Groups of 4 allowed, but maintain a distance from other groups.

6. The clubhouse will comply with DHHS restrictions - 50 people outside / 10 people inside / etc.

7. Green fee players are most welcome to come and enjoy a game of golf. $30 for 18 holes or $20 for 9 holes.

8.  Measures have been taken to provide a covid safe environment such as removal of the bunker rake and inserts
in the holes to stop the ball falling all the way to the bottom, flag-sticks are to remain in place and should not be touched.

9. Masks must still be worn when playing golf.   DHHS provides removal of masks during strenuous activity, but must be replaced on completion.

Mount Beauty Golf Club takes this seriously and we must all contribute to stop the spread.

Thank You

Mount Beauty Golf Club Inc.