Mount Beauty Golf Club Inc.



Men's Golf Program 2017    pdf icon


The 2018 Program will be available soon. The 2017 Program can be used as a guide in the meantime.

The Men tee off on Wednesdays (9 holes), Saturdays & Sundays at noon for 12.30pm.

Men's 9 hole golf tee off on Saturdays & Sundays 1pm for 1.30pm for those unable or unwilling to play the full 18 holes.
During Daylight Saving months the Wednesday comp also starts at 5pm for 5.30pm.


Ladies' Golf Program available at the clubhouse

The Ladies' tee off on Wednesdays at 9am for 9.30am & Saturdays at 11.30am for noon.

During Daylight Saving months and until 1 March, Saturday comps are 9am for 9.30am.

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